All UNH-EcoQuest Programs are UNH managed Programs. Please stay informed of UNH COVID-19 Updates Here

2021/22 Programs

We are taking applications for the 5-week Summer 2021 program, and will confirm by mid-March 2021 whether the program will go ahead.

Applications for the Ecology in Action and SAFSA semester programs for Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and beyond are well under way.


Spring 2021

Regrettably, EcoQuest has resolved to cancel the Spring 2021 semester programs.  Given the uncertainties and risks due to the high Covid-19 infection rates world-wide, and continued restrictions on international travel to/from New Zealand, we believe this decision is in the best interests of everyone. 

We hope to see you in Aotearoa once conditions around the globe improve. In the meantime, stay well and stay safe.

Thank you to all our supporters for remaining positive!


Archived Messages

Fall 2020 - Regrettably, EcoQuest has made the decision to cancel the Fall 2020 programs. This decision was made in accordance with the UNH International Travel Risk Policy. The U.S. State Department Global Health Advisory Level 4:  Do Not Travel,  remains in effect due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Global Health Advisory Level 4:  Do Not Travel,  remains in effect due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We want to thank our university and college partners for the months of advising, as well, our motivated students ready to join us in New Zealand this fall. It is disappointing that we won’t have the opportunity to greet you in New Zealand this upcoming September. As the majority of our fall semester teammates have made the decision to join us in the 2021 academic year, we want to extend a hearty thank you for your flexibility and careful academic planning. This is very exciting news for all of us at EcoQuest. We will look forward to seeing you in New Zealand in the new academic year, and in both the spring and fall semesters (2021).

2021 Programs - Applications for the Spring 2021 semester, 5-week Summer session, and Fall 2021 semester programs remain open with the great hope that our programs can resume in the new academic year. EcoQuest will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and be guided by UNH policy and advice, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Department of State, World Health Organization (WHO), non-U.S. government authorities including the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Please consult the UNH-EcoQuest Admissions Office for more information at

SPRING 2020 - EcoQuest would like to thank all those who have assisted our Spring 2020 students in returning home safely - friends, family, the staff both in the US and New Zealand, our colleagues at UNH, our college and university partners, and the staff at Advantage Travel.  Your help and heartfelt messages continue to support and guide us through these very difficult times.    

To the students - as sad as we were to see you go, we really appreciate the way you have stayed positive during this challenging ordeal. We trust you will continue to work together and support one another as we continue our engagement through online learning .


April 17: Partial refund for room and board, Spring 2020 programs

EcoQuest would like to acknowledge the losses everyone is suffering as a result of the global pandemic, and it is for all of us to seek ways of looking after one another during this time. We are thankful for the support from COLSA, both historically and in the personal and practical measures to help EcoQuest continue to deliver the Spring 2020 programs remotely to students. We would like to thank our dedicated faculty and staff who are remaining in close contact with students and who have worked tirelessly to retool our courses to an online platform. We appreciate, too, that students are doing their utmost to maintain their learning focus, and trust they will continue to support one another as they have so admirably done throughout the semester. Such ongoing collaboration is vital to healthy communities both locally and internationally.

EcoQuest has resolved that we are providing students with a partial refund of room and board fees. The following amounts will be wired shortly to UNH for reimbursement to students.

UNH-EcoQuest “Ecology in Action” Program students: US$2,042.00

UNH-EcoQuest “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Aotearoa” Program students: US$2,697.00

(These amounts differ due to the variation in stage of in-country delivery of each program).

We thank the students and their families, UNH and our partner universities and colleges for their patience in this process.