Provider categories

All non-university tertiary education providers are placed into one of four Provider Categories on the basis of their EER results. EER results in two judgements, one for educational performance, the other for organisational capability in self-assessment.

NZQA notifies each provider of their category immediately following the final sign-off of the EER report. The Provider Category for each provider will be published on the NZQA website along with its EER report.

The Provider Categories are as follows.

  • Category 1: providers with two Highly Confident judgments from EER, or Highly Confident in educational performance and Confident in capability in self-assessment.
  • Category 2: providers with two Confident judgements, or Highly Confident in self-assessment, and Confident in educational performance.
  • Category 3: providers with Not Yet Confident judgements.
  • Category 4: providers with Not Confident judgements.

Source: New Zealand Qualifications Authority Website, July 2013